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Talent Acquisition

Investing in the right staff is key to your business, and the wrong choice can be devastating. Engaging with Kathy Piper Recruitment Solutions will save you valuable time and money.

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We have been in business since 1994 which means we understand the industry thoroughly and we have the experience to guide you into making the correct staffing choices.


We recruit at all levels from key executives to junior positions.

We pride ourselves on our ability to talent match to your specific company culture and position criteria.

Our reputation is sound and we support businesses of all sizes, cultures and within many different market segments


We will not send out candidates to you without first interviewing and obtaining multiple references. All qualification and credit checks are obtained from verifiable and reliable sources.

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We offer a guaranteed replacement period to ensure peace of mind for both the employer and the applicant – if should things not work out.

We work in accordance with the codes, rules and ethics of the African Professional Staffing Organisations (APSO), alleviating any issues that may arise out of dealing with more than one agency at a time.

We respect the confidentiality of all parties and are compliant with the requirements of the PoPI Act.


We will not waste your time with excessive CV’s, nor will we send you applicants that have not been properly assessed.

Although based in Durban, we recruit for our national clients in centres around South Africa, and have a network of referral agencies to collaborate with

We have an extensive, established database of vetted candidates to draw from, solid network connections and links to top job portals.

We will not waiver on our service and commitment to your needs

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